“I hope you read this by Friday”

Updated: With excerpt of email replies I got.

Photo by Justin Mott

I sent an email to 100 people that night.

It was a twilight experiment with kindness. And dying for animals. I’m republishing it here just to see… what would you have done, if I wrote this email to you?


I was going through my contact list on Gmail and picked out your name.

Slightly random, maybe, but not really….
I chose to write to you, for a reason.

There were hundreds of other names, but nah, I wouldn’t send this email to them. I chose to send this email to you.


Somehow, I imagine, you believe in dreams, not so much in dreaming… but I thought you were the type who would FIGHT to live a dream.
Or at least believe that people should do so.

Well, this is what happened to me.

My friend, Justin Mott, he’s a brilliant photographer / photojournalist. He is on his way to documenting the photography assignment of his dreams — to fly around the world to capture, and immortalize people who dedicate their lives to caring and preserving animals. People who would die, and have died for animals.

He’s on his way, but not quite there, you see.

So Justin badgers me with emails, spamming my facebook wall, amongst other things, asking that I help vote for him on this competition which will PAY HIM to go on that assignment. Amused by his lack of manners, I checked out the link


Looks like he’s ALMOST THERE…
Hundreds of people, friends and such have voted for him to win this thing.
He needs to be in the top 20 to stand a chance. And he’s almost there because of so many people who believes in him.


I’m NOT asking you to vote for him.

Confused? Hear me out on this one:

Frankly, I NEVER forward emails, even for a good cause. It’s against my religion. Heck, I don’t even care for animals as much. Or the environment. I can act like it, but I won’t. So I’m not even asking you to forward this. I am generally very selective about what I care about and what I dedicate my life to.

But here’s one thing I do care about:  Living our dreams.

Each of us have our dreams, and I generally feel excited to help people live their dreams. And I believe Justin should be on his way to documenting these amazing people who live THEIR dreams caring for animals. Especially when all it takes us is a click to decide his destiny

Most of all…………..

Part of me feels like the reason I can live my dreams, is because so many people, strangers, friends, so many people believe in my dream, and have helped me along the way to live it.

Think about it. All those times out of friggin nowhere people do kind things for you. WTF.

So yes.

I’m not asking you to vote for him.

I’m asking you to vote for YOU – the part of you who believes in dreams. The part of you who might one day need help from strangers to live your dream.

That’s why I wrote to you.

If you feel a tingling in your pants to want to forward this email to a few people, ok, but hurry coz we don’t have time. We’ve only got maybe 24 hours till Justin’s deadline, so even if you just voted, it’ll be enough

I gotta run now.
I got some sleep to catch.
Remember to write me sometime.
Or follow me on twitter http://twitter.com/khailee

Here’s to living our dreams.


PS  ~~~~ I chose 122 people to write this email to, REMEMBER TO reply me if you’ve voted, coz I’m keeping count. It’s a sick experiment of mine. I know. So if you decide to vote for Justin http://www.nameyourdreamassignment.com/the-ideas/jmott78/in-harms-way-exploring-the-bond-between-humans-and-animals/ email me

Those who vote n email me will know how many ppl out of 122 actually voted 😉

Take a wild guess, how many out of the 122 voted?

UPDATE: Justin went from not even being in the top 20 to being #4 in 24 hours thanks to you. He is one step away from winning this dream assignment and living his dream, because of you.

UPDATE #2: An example of emails replies I got to my mail

  • stop this infatuation with animals. the polar bear wallpaper was bad enough.
  • LOVE MACHINE! i spammed about this too! like yesterday! i went to town and back with this link. i sincerely hope justin gets this. so you can count me in on your sick little statistical endeavor.
  • voted for justin, but i felt as if i voted for him just because you told me to
  • Voted! Hey, tomorrow is International Pillow Fight Day.
  • beb. i registered n all like today n then tried to vote n nothing happend. maybe im too late. im all for the animals tho. how?
  • I voted. To Dreams my friend…..
  • you could’ve just gave me the link, i’d do it. long emo email not necessary
  • you’re a silly person. but i like silly people. So i vote for you, the silly man, not me.

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