How to combat snatch thieves and robbers

I just got back from the Police station.

It was a long night.

Nika’s friend had a friend visiting from Poland, it is her first night here in KL. She was walking in front of Bangsar Permai apartments on Jln Tanduk, Bangsar, when 3 men leapt out of the car, armed with a giant curved parang.

She got robbed, in front of the guard house of the apartments!


Being the courageous hero manly man I am, I was in Nika’s apartment hanging out, drinking some sour Polish soup they made.

As soon as Nika’s friend stumbled into the apartment in tears, my spider-like reflexes prompted the extension of my muscular arm into my pocket, initiating crucial contact with the police department.

Then my shirt…

I could go on.

But let’s not dwell in the past.

This blog post is about solutions!

If you think about it… everyone you know, knows someone who got robbed or snatched or whatever. Right? Don’t know someone? Well, you know me, and it’s happened to my mom, my ex-girlfriend’s sister, and even I got robbed! Twice! (Both times the robbers got caught / humiliated but that’s another story.)

Gah! Bah! We have to stop these crimes!

Since I want to avoid any real confrontation, here’s the plan.

  1. Guys and girls walking around the city? Carry an ugly market-like plastic bag, and put vegetables in it.
  2. Make sure a cucumber, or a cabbage is sticking out, so it is clear that you are carrying a bag of vegetables.
  3. Place all your valuables next to the cabbage. Wallet, money, handphone, whatever. Wrap it up, place it in the cleverly disguised bag of vegetables.
  4. Carry your usual bag, the way you normally would, except you could place a home made booby trap. No booby trap? Place a couple of extra vegetables in there. Maybe a rotten one, too.
  5. In the event of danger, drop your plastic bag of vegetables (which contain your belongings) on the floor. Or throw it far away. And give the criminals your expensive looking bag (the one with the booby traps)

OK…ok… You may think this is a stupid idea.

38248548_e4816932ca_m After all, not too many people have real booby traps for robbers. Heck I was thinking time bombs but not everyone has time bombs.

You can also argue that a robber who goes home to find a bag of vegetables might anger him enough to go out and rob some more victims.

But perhaps, in the long run, if all of us implement my idea, robbers may get sick of vegetables, and try other stunts to get money, like becoming social entrepreneurs.

I guess, the idea has too many maybes.

Since this is a serious topic, allow me to suggest some alternatives.

  1. Resolve economic disparity through changes in public policy and the education system
  2. Increase employment opportunities and skills development for the urban poor
  3. Form a special task force to crack down on snatch thieves and robbers

But if you analyze the above solutions, and compare it to my vegetable bag trick, they are just as likely to get implemented, and have any real effect on the recent crime spree.


132543195_bf179b7f74_mBut I won’t complain about stuff here… Solution focus! Yes, yes! And if for some reason, the solution is beyond my pea-sized brain, I need your help.

If you have any real ideas on what we can do to stop this sort of crime, do share.

I promise to give the best idea a bag of vegetables. (I did this for a friend’s birthday once, so I’m not kidding)

Tell me your great idea for solving snatch thieves and armed robberies, and I will give you a healthy reward.

9 comments on “How to combat snatch thieves and robbers

  1. John April 15, 2008 1:44 am


    Vegetables and politics. Whoddathunkit.

  2. Meike April 15, 2008 2:33 am

    Actually… I like both of the solutions 😉 if I always have to carry a bag full of vegetables I also train my arm muscles (Khailee: that’s why you have so muscular arms with spiderman-like reflexes… been practicing the vegetable idea for quite some time???)

    Anyways – good to talk about it and seed some awareness for this serious problem!!!

    We need more superheroes!!!

  3. Cucumberman April 15, 2008 4:43 am

    Cucumbers! Om nom nom nom…

  4. arie April 15, 2008 5:03 am

    perhaps we need more police there near bangsar permai. put them also at every corner near bangsar permai or just make them patrol there more often.

  5. ronn April 16, 2008 8:08 am

    The best suggestion? Keep the money on your shoes. Walk with it, literally. And do not carry anything with your arms. I guess no idiots will rob an empty-handed person? lol

  6. azhan April 16, 2008 10:13 am

    i think the idea of putting vegetables in bags are brilliant. maybe we can throw the food to the gangs, or eat those cucumber when we’re bored. either way, its a brilliant technique.

    its too embarrassing when crime happens to foreigners. nevermind the fact those whom might commit it came from the thousands of islands across.

  7. Joanne April 18, 2008 1:40 pm

    more phallic symbols. no wonder you misheard me. *lol*

  8. nadja June 11, 2008 10:08 am

    beb i did that i had some fruits which had been in a car the whole day and an avocado and then my freind complained that his car stunk bad 🙁 but at least the money in the bag was still there when we got to the car 🙂

  9. troisnyxétienne September 5, 2008 12:22 pm

    Hm. I wouldn’t mind giving robbers a big bag of vegetables ! 😀 Nyehehehehe.

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